1. No warranty for Physically damaged, Burnt and Circuit track cut items.
  2. Warranty is applicable only if stated, else no warranty is covered.
  3. For all components the warranty clause is direct manufacturer, distributor warranty.
  4. For all hardware warranty, you are requested to contact the service support.
  5. For labtops customer has to carry in to our service centre.
  6. For licensed operating system or other bundled software with the system the respective supplier will provide you service support.
  7. No service support will be provided for un-recomended / pirated / illegal software package.
  8. In case of desktop computers, We will provided you telephonic support or depute our service support personnel to solve your problem if applicable.
  9. For some machines, certain repairs may require sending the machine to designated service centre.
  10. Repairs or replacement will be carried either by our service engineer or through the manufacturing company of the product.
  11. You must provide suitable working area to allow disassembly and reassembly of the machine for onsite service immediately.
  12. All expenses incurred in transporting the defective unit from the place of installation to our service centre will be borne by the customer.
  13. We will advice the customer whether to effect the repair at site or at our service centre based upon the repair status.
  14. Onsite service is available within the municipal limit of service centre.
  15. All Disputes are subject to Kangayam Jurisdical.

Warranty voids if:
  1. The system used for exprimental, hardware learning purpose will not cover any warranty/support.
  2. Any unauthorised repair or modification has been carried out on the unit.
  3. The unit has been installed, maintained or operated otherwise than in accordance with the instruction manual.
  4. The warranty void seal is tampered.
  5. Proof of purchase is not submitted or tampered.
  6. The unit is damaged in transit or misuse after your purchase.
  7. This unit is damaged in natural disaster after your purchase.