General Features

:: Support

Unlimitted Email/Phone/VPN support.
Unlimitted Downloads.
More than 52 updates per year.

:: Application

Uses Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC,C++).
Uses Microsoft Framework 3.5 and above.
Available in both 32 bit and 64 bit version.
Designed for a 16:9 screen ratio.
Very light-weight executable.
Centralised custom settings.

:: Database

Uses our own database engine.
There is no requirement for a third-party database.
Zero DBF setup cost.
Zero configuration time.

:: Network

Client-Server architecture.
Own server side application software.
There is no need for any third party server side software.
Works with a simple TCP/IP connection.
Supports SMP/CIFS Protocols.
Supports NAS Storage over ethernet.
There is no need for any domain or subdomain.
Currently, we support 256 client connections at once.
Uses standard JSON format for data interchange.

:: Tax System

Supports multiple company accounts.
Support GST & VAT.
JSON export for GST returns.

:: Reports Formats

HTML Reports.
JSON Exports.
CSV Exports.
Direct GUI drawing.

:: Communication

SMS Payment Gateway - International auto route.
SMS over a GPRS modem.

:: Embedded Systems Integration

1D/2D Barcode, QR Code scanner.
Finger print attendendance system.
Weighing scale.
Cash drawer lock.

:: Maintenance

Reminds you to run backups every 3 days.
One click backup.
Easy manual backup by copy, paste command.
Supports Pendrive, Cloud or Local Disk for backup